Founder's Story

Natural Life, the brain child of Aditya Goel, who after having studied and worked in the U.S. made a conscious decision to come back to India and manage his family businesses which primarily engages in manufacturing home and personal care products.

Aditya was only beginning to feel reconnected with his roots and work by helping and spearheading a few new projects at his family owned set up which demonstrates 40 years of experience in the said industry, that he started to feel compelled about switching gears and drive his entire set up and team towards conceptualising and manufacturing home, personal, beauty and baby care products with the least or even nil usage of chemicals and toxic- synthetic materials.

A few years had passed and while Aditya was trying to streamline processes at work, he couldn’t help but feel intrigued about a trend of constantly being approached by a number of his family and friends with regards to seeking healthy and safe solutions for numerous ailments such as, acute allergies, hair fall, psoriasis and even for patients with a weak immune system due to suffering cancer.

Owing to the lack of concern, knowledge and the acumen to create and cater natural products to one of the largest consumer markets in the world, left both sides feeling disappointed and frustrated.

It was then that Aditya felt a push and nudge resulting in a strong urge to give life and momentum to a thought he had held strong in his head and heart, ‘Natural Life’ – a chemical & toxic- free lifestyle brand, crafted using nature’s finest & best, catering to home, personal, beauty and baby care needs. Upon constantly reflecting about concerns and fears related to health, he realised and understood, that’s its human tendency to instinctively monitor one’s eating habits and meticulously keep in check the food products we procure, cook and consume. However, we do not do the same, when it comes home and personal care products which would potentially impact our health and systems in equal measure or maybe even more.

This, coupled with the fact, that there are no formal regulatory organisations in India to standardise norms further raised alarms and red flags for Aditya and his team at Natural Life.

Taking all experiences and factors into account, he felt an urgent need to address this concern and enable himself, his team and his production units to provide safe and healthy solutions not just to his circle of family and close friends but also reach out to each individual and family, sincerely looking for natural and safe solutions in the home, personal, beauty and baby care products domain. Alongside and equally diligently extending his and team Natural Life’s conscious efforts towards the the safety and protection of our environment and planet.

With the good fortune of having the acumen and a world class setup as manufacturers, Aditya made a firm decision to dedicate his resources and infrastructure in addressing this void prevalent both in people’s lives and in our environment, he established and started Natural Life in 2019 or 2020. Natural Life began with the intent and promises to make and provide natural, baby, beauty, home and personal care products proactively and in the mainstream markets initiating a trend in nurturing, nourishing and safeguarding our generation and society’s families, homes and loved ones with ‘Just The Good Stuff’